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Freedom or dead

The history behind

Well, at that time a was looking for some curses about 3d studio design max and i found a Master of videogames designer in Málaga, then i thought: "Why not try and apply this course, this is my opportunities to introduce myself in this sector"

And the first part of that courses was make this game, maybe for you it only a short game, but for me is much more, can you Imagine make a game in 1 month, whitout any experiences, any idea how to make line of code, or even draw correctly, well this is this game, was made with my suffer, my blood and of course with my motivation

The game

This game is about one prisoner who want to escape the prison, but the problem is that if this person don´t be able to escape, tomorrow is gonna die on the electric chair.

Game mechanics

Is very simple, the objective of the game is go to the next door. But in the middle you could have a lot of problem.

  • Policeman
    • try not to crash with them
  • lights
    • the lights activate the alarm
    • if the alarm is activated, all policeman on the level are looking for you
    • if you don't deactivate the alarm in 6 second you lose
  • Button
    • Deactivate the alarm

This game was made by Santiago Sánchez Lindell

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Install instructions

play the executable


Freedom or dead final version.exe 11 MB